Salvador Dali

Born in the heart of Greenwich Village, NYC in 1984 her love for art was forever entangled in her being. Having both parents being artistic in the home, art became a hobby or everyday occurrence almost instantly. This hobby turned into a much larger goal. To create things and share them with the world seemed as a fulfilling title.

While pulling from humor,conspiracies, pop culture, spirituality and life experiences the name "sik star" being the way you perceive things leaving it up to the viewer to think for themselves. It can be seen either sik!  as in disturbing, and with a negative connotation or you can take it as in sik ! out of this world-awesome! Again its all about perception, theres always more than what meets the eye.

She is a proponent of using recycled resources to utilize things we take for granted. Using various mediums, she continues to exhibit art, as well as take commissions for clients worldwide. Most recently working with up-cycled and recycled materials such as spray cans, lamps, mannequins, and other oddities you have to just check out for yourself!

 Currently living/working in the San Francisco Bay Area/NYC, while traveling is always on the schedule.

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